X Marks the Spot (Part II)

Nestled between a ribcage and a skull is a wooden box about two hands long. Unremarkable yet mystifying. It looks familiar, but I can’t think why. Why is this box so important? Duncan’s back is an ugly thing, a swamp of hairs and cuts and moles. The map of Tiverna Isle drawn onto it isContinue reading “X Marks the Spot (Part II)”

X Marks the Spot (Part I)

I watch Captain Rackham’s face carefully and see a flicker of recognition. It is there briefly. I’m sure of it, and then he scowls at the ground. “Plenty of places you can get a wooden box. You need not travel to Tiverna Isle for that.” The wind greets me as I walk onto the deckContinue reading “X Marks the Spot (Part I)”

Answers (Part 3)

“I scroll through what’s on offer, and it makes me feel sick. There’s stuff on there that would have you screaming for Freddy Krueger to come back.“ My body aches.  I pop six painkillers into a glass of water and watch them fizz aggressively. I never thought I would need mortal medicine, but they seemContinue reading “Answers (Part 3)”

Answers (Part 2)

“Welcome back, Pro,” he says jovially and jumps off me. I let out a gasp as my body breathes freely again. “You’ve been out for quite a while. I was worried we might have lost you, and that would have ruined my fun.” “Alastor,” I mumble and peel my left eye open a few millimeters.Continue reading “Answers (Part 2)”

Zeus’ Lovers

“Most people would have given up at that point, but not Zeus, who is known for his ‘never say die’ attitude.” There are many stories of Zeus’ infidelity, far too many to cover in one blog (and I will look at some of the more notable ones separately), but here are a few to whetContinue reading “Zeus’ Lovers”

A Rock and a Hard Place

“Someone’s playing me, and whoever it is, they’re managing to stay one step ahead of me all of the time. It’s not a position I’m used to; I’m supposed to be the God of Forethought!“ “Police are investigating the death of a family of four discovered on the same day a man’s body was foundContinue reading “A Rock and a Hard Place”

Playing with Fire

“Whoever “A” is, they are literally playing with fire. First the beak of Koraki, now a load of dead mortals. I will find out who it is, and I will make them suffer.“ “You cannot simply dig into the…the…” “Underworld!” “…the ‘Underworld’ as you put it, without appropriate permissions in place. Building. Planning. There’s aContinue reading “Playing with Fire”