X Marks the Spot (Part II)

Nestled between a ribcage and a skull is a wooden box about two hands long. Unremarkable yet mystifying. It looks familiar, but I can’t think why. Why is this box so important? Duncan’s back is an ugly thing, a swamp of hairs and cuts and moles. The map of Tiverna Isle drawn onto it isContinue reading “X Marks the Spot (Part II)”

X Marks the Spot (Part I)

I watch Captain Rackham’s face carefully and see a flicker of recognition. It is there briefly. I’m sure of it, and then he scowls at the ground. “Plenty of places you can get a wooden box. You need not travel to Tiverna Isle for that.” The wind greets me as I walk onto the deckContinue reading “X Marks the Spot (Part I)”