Ruin or Mischief? Part I

The door slams open, and there is a marked change in the atmosphere. My senses tingle, but I refrain from looking at the newcomer. A frosty silence hangs in the air. I’m sure there was music playing a few moments ago. I hear stilettos crossing the floor. Slow and steady. The entire bar holds itsContinue reading “Ruin or Mischief? Part I”

The Avenger (Part II)

“He was only a child when Heracles bludgeoned him to death, but that doesn’t excuse his actions. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind…“ “Welcome back, Avenger,” I say as Alastor stirs. He propels himself forward, only to discover that I’ve bound him to a chair. The ropes cut into him, and heContinue reading “The Avenger (Part II)”

The Avenger (Part 1)

“That’s right, follow your family tree back far enough and you’ll find that you’re related to a lump of clay. Most of mankind has evolved since then, thanks to fire. What can I say except, you’re welcome. I say most because there are still a few humans out there with the IQ of a plantContinue reading “The Avenger (Part 1)”

Answers (Part 3)

“I scroll through what’s on offer, and it makes me feel sick. There’s stuff on there that would have you screaming for Freddy Krueger to come back.“ My body aches.  I pop six painkillers into a glass of water and watch them fizz aggressively. I never thought I would need mortal medicine, but they seemContinue reading “Answers (Part 3)”

Answers (Part 2)

“Welcome back, Pro,” he says jovially and jumps off me. I let out a gasp as my body breathes freely again. “You’ve been out for quite a while. I was worried we might have lost you, and that would have ruined my fun.” “Alastor,” I mumble and peel my left eye open a few millimeters.Continue reading “Answers (Part 2)”