Greek Myths

Zeus’ Lovers

“Most people would have given up at that point, but not Zeus, who is known for his ‘never say die’ attitude.” There are many stories of Zeus’ infidelity, far too many to cover in one blog (and I will look at some of the more notable ones separately), but here are a few to whet…

Zeus and Hera

“From the moment she emerged out of their father’s stomach, covered in blood and slime, Zeus had lusted after his older sister.”

Zeus and Metis: the Birth of Athena

“It was like something was banging on the inside of his skull and it was driving him insane, so insane that he ordered Hephaestus to smash him over the head with his axe”

Perseus and Medusa

“It didn’t take long before he heard the sound of slithering and hissing. He followed the noise and found Medusa pacing around. Her hair was a dreadlock of terrifying snakes and her eyes were grey and piercing.”

Pandora’s Jar

“As they slept that night, the jar kept returning to Pandora’s thoughts. It was in her mind as she laid in bed and when sleep finally arrived it came to her in her dreams.”

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