TALES OF ATLANTIS: Available for pre-order now

Atlantis. Some think it is just an old story. Others believe the island is buried beneath the sea, its secrets lost for eternity. For millennia, countless have searched for it, but no one has come close to uncovering the truth. Until now.

When rowers Alfred and Shep become separated and wash up on an island following a deadly storm, little do they know what they have uncovered. As they learn about their new home and its inhabitants, they find themselves trapped amongst a civilisation lost in time. Unable to communicate, they have no idea where they are or the danger they are in. Yet, the island is enchanting and advanced beyond explanation, and as myth becomes reality thoughts of escaping soon disappear.

Meanwhile, the mysterious and manipulative Paymaster is using the high lord’s death, an old prophecy, and the arrival of the newcomers as pawns in his deadly game. A game that will leave Alfred and Shep fighting for survival, and the islanders on the brink of civil war. In his way stands Aliz, a skilful and determined warrior on the run, and Hestia, the high lord’s daughter who will stop at nothing to claim her title as the first high lady of Atlantis.

As events unfold, a further threat lurks Below. Only the man of no name and a young baker have encountered the unnatural creatures that live in the shadows. Only they know what is about to be unleashed.

Forget everything you think you know about Atlantis. It’s time to prepare for the wave.

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