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Alfred and Shep are two inexperienced rowers competing in a transatlantic race.  Lost and caught up in a raging storm, they become separated and wash up on a strange island isolated from the rest of the world.  Meanwhile, the High Lord of Atlantis is dead, and he has recorded his wish for his daughter, Hestia, to replace him.  No woman has ever held a position of power on Atlantis, and the mysterious Paymaster intends to keep it that way to claim power for himself.  As Alfred and Shep fall in love with the island and its inhabitants, they become embroiled in the Paymaster’s deadly game.

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From Ares to Zeus, The Lost Dialogue provides a light hearted look at the Greek myths and updates on D.M. White’s novel, Tales of Atlantis: The Dawning of a New Age, which is an epic tale of Plato’s Atlantis set in modern times.

About the Author

D.M. White is an author and lawyer located in Beverley, England. Tales of Atlantis: The Dawning of a New Age is his debut novel. He has previously written for an online magazine and has had a short story published by Rewritten Realms. He can be found on Twitter @TheLostDialogue. 




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Atlantis. Some think it is just an old story. Others believe the island is buried beneath the sea, its secrets lost for eternity. For millennia, countless have searched for it, but no one has come close to uncovering the truth. Until now. When rowers Alfred and Shep become separated and wash up on an island…